Get Our Karaoke Rental Music Collection(s) for FREE!

We're sure you'll be glad to know that we spend the bulk of our time and effort focused on getting your order right and shipped out to you on time for your event. However, as a small, family business, that leaves us with very little time to work on other things like writing out the HUNDREDS of song lists for all the special karaoke collections we offer you. (Of course, we do provide the song lists online for our core and most popular song collections and the song lists will always appear on your screen with your rental, but we know and understand that customers would like to have a printed copy of every special collection we offer.) So, we thought we'd make it a win/win by offering you any song collection you rent from us that doesn't currently have a song list online or needs to be updated for FREE in return for you providing the song list(s) to us to post on our site. Many customers choose to make their own lists anyway, so all you have to do is pass them on to us by following the instructions below:

  1. Rent any of our song collections that do not currently have songlist(s) online or have songlist(s) that need updating (for updating you will have to check the collections you rent and compare them with the lists we already have online).
  2. IMPORTANT: Make a copy of one of our current lists online and use the exact same format: same heading, same column titles, same order, same font, color, etc in each excel spreadsheet - in fact, all you have to do is delete and replace the collection title, artists and song titles of the one you copy, insert the new information and leave everything else as it is.
  3. Email us the new song list(s) you've created BEFORE we process your deposit refund. LIMIT 10 PER ORDER.
  4. That's it! As long as we receive the new and updated song lists before we process your deposit refund then we will be able to apply the FREE collection(s) credit to your refund for each accurate new or updated song list you provide (if for any reason we do not receive the new/updated lists before processing your deposit refund, we can still apply the discount to your next order).
PLEASE NOTE: This is a rental credit only that will be applied to your deposit. The karaoke music is NOT free to keep or copy and remains the property of Nationwide Karaoke. All rights reserved.
Thank you so much for helping Nationwide Karaoke serve you better!